Android App is the nations leading online real estate marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of residential bank-owned properties and foreclosure properties.

MY ROLE: Product Designer

The Challenge already had a full experience replication of the web platform as an iPad app and an iPhone bid-only app. I was asked to design and launch a whole experience android app while working in tandem with the iOS designer.

The Method

As the designer for Android, I wanted to make sure our apps we consistent and OS friendly using the os design guidelines as a starting point. During the mid-cycle of the project, the iOS designer and I had a working session to find inconsistencies between platforms.



Auction Dashboard

For the user’s dashboard, we wanted to have a clean, and informational property card. As it is normal for someone to read left to right, the color status draws action from left to right. With the content hierarchy in mind; Price, bidding status, and the status color was the primary goal for the native apps.


(Product Description Page)

Property information, and where you bid on the property.

Placing a Bid

Placing a bid is one of the most important goals of our users. So to be accurate of common nomenclature that the user will understand and feel comfortable with.