Colorist App

Madison Reed Color Bar is fast + fabulous hair color, without the salon price tag.

The colorist app is for the Madison Reed color bars for the stylist to enter the client’s information and enter the inventory/product.

The Why

After a round of interviews with colorists, we learned that there are multiple issues with the current version of the stylist app. The main issues found were:

  1. Color Advisor: not working for colorists
  2. Photos: Clients need more examples
  3. UX: Complicated flow and outdated

The Vision


We want to empower the colorists to consistently deliver high-quality results by seamlessly giving them the right information.


Give the business relevant performance metrics and customer data.


To give the clients useful information.

The Process

After we gathered all of our research the next step was to conduct a 5-day design sprint.


The Solution

After the explorations and our design sprint, we knew colorist needed to have:

Better data:

  • Consistent and accurate customer hair data using Machine Learning
  • Better SLA data for labor efficiency tracking
  • Tracking of customer’s desired result
  • Standardized formula input


  • From start to the timer in 3 clicks for returning customers
  • Fast navigation for colorists within the app
  • Answering color advisor replaced with a quick backie

Better tools:

  • Product images to help customers pick a shade
  • Full historic view of the client’s history


  • Upsell core products within the appointment.
  • Accurate charges for the extra product used in a service.

The Outcome

Once we were done prototyping the app and testing we began building it and launching it in our Color Bars.

Daily Appointments

The Service

The Summary

It’s an exciting time right now.

We learn something every day to improve the digital experience in our color bars.