Product Rebrand is the nations leading online real estate marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of residential bank-owned properties and foreclosure properties.

It was reaching the ten year anniversary of what better than to celebrate with a company rebrand, it was about six years since any significant brand design changes were implemented. I was the lead Product Designer on this project.

MY ROLE: Lead Designer

The Problem

  1. needed to target a broader audience to increase its user base.
  2. The new brand was developed by an outside design agency with marketing before the product team was pulled into the redesign project.
  3. Our existing style guide was limited, difficult to use and was not consistently implemented into the products.

The Homepage

To kick this initiative off the product team held a design workshop with the marketing team. From there the agenda was:

  1. Competitive Analysis
  2. Feature Brainstorming
  3. Feature Poll
  4. User Testing

Who were we building the homepage for?

Project Hypothesis

First-time visitors may not immediately understand what is, and this confusion may prevent them from engaging with our site.

Introducing meaningful content may give them reasons to trust ADC and encourage them to explore further.

The Homepage from before.

The Winner: Search Optimized

80% of the user testing felt more positive towards the searched optimized homepage.

The What, How, and Who we are.

Homepage Wins

Native Mobile Apps

The Problem

  1. Inconsistent Verbiage
  2. Inconsistent User Experience
  3. Inconsistent Visual Design

What We Did:

I updated the iOS & Android style sheets to have consistent colors, components, and type treatment.

Started creating a timeline for updating the nomenclature tone & voice.

Developers started updating the code base.

The End Product:

Mobile Wins

The Style Guide

The heart of all our products was the style guide. Our style guide needed a complete revamp of the visual product components and functionality.

Who would benefit from this?

  1. Current and future designers
  2. Our developers
  3. Day to day users

Divide and Conquer

Breaking all the components among the designers for weekly sync-ups to quickly update the style guide and developer toolkit.

Style Guide Wins