Chimecard is the bank account that helps you lead a healthier financial life and automate your savings. I designed and release the products for iOS, Android, and Web experience.

MY ROLE: Product Designer

The Problem

One of the main challenges we faced was an outdated User Interface and an inconsistent User Experience for the iOS MVP and to start strategizing for the Android App.

Process & Strategy

After joining Chime, I received the in-process designs created by a development agency as the Lead Designer. I realized that the current direction was already outdated by today’s standards of modern mobile user experiences. I needed a fast and straightforward way to approach the UX inventory.

The New Chimecard

After working through user flows and features, came the User Interface Design for both iOS and Android. It was extremely exciting to bring continuity to both platforms.

In-App Communication

The direction that I took was to create a familiar chat experience for the Chimecard helpdesk. Other than creating a generic help email system, we wanted to make the experience more human.

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