Offer Select

Ten-X Commercial is the CRE marketplace that is a force multiplier for sellers, buyers, and brokers. Ten-X precision-matches assets, accelerates close rates, and streamlines the entire transaction process with more than $50 billion in sales and increasing daily.

Offer Select was a new Ten-X platform to make an offer and purchase commercial real estate online.

MY ROLE: UI Designer

The Problem

For Ten-X we were creating a brand new way for our users to purchase purchasing commercial real estate online. From taking the traditional auction process that was initially taken from auction.com and wanted to bring a better connection between the buyers and sellers. A buyer can create and offer, and negotiate with the seller to have a competitive advantage by not just having the highest offer.

Vision & Strategy

My primary role for the Offer Select release was to back up the UX designer and apply our visual language and “responsify” the current product direction.

The Finished Product